MOOC: Week 1

September 21, 2013

Use courtesy of Elliot Lepers

Just a quick post so that I can actually keep working on the Week 2 lectures and readings today!

Observations so far:

1. I find it really cool that there are people in this course from every continent and from areas as diverse as Iceland and New Zealand. Over 41,000 are signed up for this course.  At least a couple thousand are being active in the various forums.

2. I find it even more impressive that so many of these people are taking this course without English being their first language.  I could never take a class that was primarily in Spanish or French or Chinese or Polish!

3. This course has a lot of reading and video lecture time.  It says 2-4 hours per week in the description, but so far, I have easily spent about 5-6 reading, watching, and interacting in the forums.  According to some of the students who have been in other Coursera classes, this is a lot of reading and work in comparison to other courses.

4. I am already learning quite a bit, and the information is very interesting.  It is a REAL course.  I have had my first quiz (I got a 3.75 out of 5) and we have a written assignment that will be released on Monday.  We have to peer grade others as well, so I will see how that goes.

5. Some of my most valuable learning comes from the forums and the topics I choose to follow.  Posting and commenting is part of our grade.  I will follow-up in consequent posts about these topics.

So, back to the grind!  To learn more about our MOOC, see this Huffington Post article or check out this video from Chicago Tonight: The MOOCs are Coming


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