Cookbooks and blogs that grandma would love….

January 13, 2013

In honor of my grandmother, who is under hospice care at my parent’s home…


Maria Felicia Theodora (Sidoti) Ashton or Mary P. Ashton, 94

My grandmother was a really good cook.  Both her parents were from Sicily, and her father owned a bakery.  My grandfather Leo had a bakery in Mentor, Ohio as well for many years, and she raised her children and helped at the bakery.  She is 94 and a feisty Italian girl!

 My father is also an excellent cook and inventive and fearless in the kitchen.  For awhile, he even had his own restaurant in my hometown.  He has a food blog, with great, tried and true recipes, many of them Italian favorites that have been in my family for many years.  If you have never had a homemade cannoli, you have to try it–less sweet than the kind at most restaurants, and really delightful!

I have developed a love of cooking, but am not overly adventuress.  However, on my holiday gift list this year, I asked for The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, and Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book.  Both of these have some great, easy recipes. The blogs Smitten Kitchen and Ree Drummond’s Pioneer Woman also have great step-by-step recipes on their blogs. Sometimes I like to just look at the pictures they are so captivating!  Food porn at its finest!

My favorite book, though, is the Joy of Cooking.


I can’t tell you how many times I have used this cookbook for everything from breakfast dishes, to soups, to decadent desserts.  I think everything I have made out of here has come out just right.

I love having a little different taste experience each day.  I get really bored with having the same stuff each week, so I try to mix it up and plan several possible meals, only incorporating some favorites once per week or every couple of weeks to give the palate some variety.

Check out the books or blogs above and get inspired!

Love you, Gram!


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