Pinterest and Libraries

October 7, 2012

Pinterest is one of those things (like Facebook) that can get addictive and time-sucking really quickly.  However, one thing that is GREAT about the Internet is the ability for expression, both by the library and by its patrons.  I really like the ideas of sharing and crowd-sourcing and how it democratizes the Web.  Pinterest allows you to make “pin boards” of images in a very easy way, and comment on the images.  You can organize these boards by topic under one main login.  Here is my personal Pinterest site.

Here is an example of how libraries are using Pinterest (courtesy of Laura Gentry.)  By searching Pinterest’s search box, you can find many library-related examples that can inspire you to begin your own personal or library boards.

 In fact, the ALA does a good job of posting boards around library-related topics (see their site here.)  They have boards for many topics, including challenged books, library associations, and great libraries of the world.  Quite inspiring and true to message.

What types of boards could be made for a library?

  • New books
  • Gaming
  • Programs
  • Children’s department
  • Maker spaces ideas
  • Inspiring libraries or library spaces
  • Informational (such as policies or copyright)

As librarians, many of us do not do enough marketing of our services, our building, ourselves.  Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can all be ways to reach various levels of our users.  Although it seems like some of the initial excitement around Pinterest has cooled, it is still an interesting and unique way to organize information and ideas. Copyright questions aside (I am still not sure about the legality of reposting copyrighted images…), this could be one exciting way to expand your influence and make a lovely online space for your patrons.


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