April 9, 2012

I must be a visual person, because infographics fascinate me (much like etymology does!). What I like about infographics is that they can give you a quick overview of a topic and they can serve as a jumping-off point for conversation.  Like PowerPoints or Prezi, I think there is a time and a place to use them, and they should not just be used as a way to “dumb down” information.  However, for those of us who enjoy an overview in something other than slides or bullet points, they are a great way to get a point across.

This article discusses an infographic generator, which I tried out by linking my Twitter and Facebook to it:

Go here to try your own!

There are several (probably thousands) of cool infographics out there.  This blog offers some great examples.  Get your daily dose of infographic fun here.

One promising tool is .  I couldn’t get the generation tools to work yet, but I’m looking forward to trying it out.

For librarians–this infographic sums up our profession.

I would love to think about how this could be used for marketing purposes in a library setting.  Because you can customize the graphics, font, colors, you could make a nice piece on:

  • popular programs (showing attendance, popular times of year, age of attendants, etc.)
  • circulation (age, types of materials, best sellers)
  • general community information (age, education level, important information)
  • reference (number of questions, type)
  • cost savings (database hits vs. price of databases=amount saved per patron use)

I’m sure there are lots more–comment with your own ideas!

Consider infographics like any of the other tools you may use for graphics and presentations.  Really think about the impression you are going for, and then use the appropriate tool to get your point across with as much impact as possible.  And, as always, if you can do something SIMPLY, then do it SIMPLY.  But remember that sometimes you want to be “in your face” with something, and infographics can help you to accomplish this.


One Response to “Infographics!!!!”

  1. Alex Geeks said

    As I see infographics can be a very powerful marketing tool. It can be used like visual element and content element. It can bring something bright and entertaining to our usual data.

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