For Libraries in 2012: My Top 5 posts for the New Year

December 20, 2011

Six months ago, I began this blog, where I focus on my take on library issues that inspire me.  Most of my blog seems to embrace change and how to move forward, in libraries and in life.  The Top 5 posts that I feel should be considered as impetus for thought in the New Year are:

5. Relearning, Unlearning, and Information Overload???

4. Like Leaves on a Tree…

3. Invictus–and Networking

2. Crazy or Brilliant? Libraries Thinking Outside the Box

and, #1:  Is Your Library in the Souvenir Business?  If not, they should be…

Bonus!  Last week’s post on teamwork (Is there no “I” in teamwork?) provides an alternate way to think about your relationships with your coworkers and your role in making these relationships work in the new year (Teamwork=collaboration + cooperation + compromise).

I think these posts provide a starting point for you and your work environment in 2012–how to think differently about information, your place of employment, and personal development, and how to become creative in driving these changes.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a fabulous New Year!


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