Things 23: The end…or is it????

October 10, 2011

For Thing 23, we are to reflect on what we have learned and how we should move forward. 

Over the past several weeks, I have found this process very enlightening and useful for the future.  It has given me direction in the types of technology out there that can be used for all types of library applications.  Blogging has also given me a platform for reflecting on my job search and networking during our move.  What I have learned most are things I have learned about myself.  I am verbose, reflective, open to challenges, shy, excited but worried about the future, and passionate about libraries and information. 

My plan for moving forward involves looking at a SWOT analysis of my employment situation.  Briefly, this is what I came up with:

  • Strengths: Good resume, proactive, seeks educational opportunities, not picky about salary or library type, good at  communication, customer service focused
  • Weaknesses: Low networking opportunities, not much response on job applications so far, over qualification for some jobs(?), not employed for a few months, not aggressive enough(?)
  • Opportunities:  Learn some new technology skills, seek more networking opportunities
  • Threats: Current job market not great, lots of competition for job openings

From these, I have decided to look at a couple of the technologies we discussed in CPD23 (Jing, Mendeley, Prezi) more in-depth to see how these can have further application in a work setting.  I will also be attending a couple of library board events in October, which should help with meeting some new contacts and learning about public libraries in Illinois.  I will also continue to blog about the job search and library related issues about once per week in order to keep up with current trends in the profession.  So this program has become a beginning for me, rather than an end.

This has been a great program and very intellectually stimulating–I would suggest it to anyone who would like to learn about new technologies.


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