Thing 17: In-depth try at Prezi (aka, I am in love…)

September 19, 2011

I LOVE PREZI!  What an awesome tool.  Check out what I created today in just a couple of hours (  Keep in mind, this is a very brief introduction, but the possibilities are endless.

Maria Bagshaw’s Online Information
For the most part, this was very simple to learn.  You have to play around a bit to get it to look just right, but I love how it is SO NOT PowerPoint!  I can imagine using this for unboring presentations for patrons–it allows for so much more interactivity.  You can easily zoom in/out, and emphasize key points and concepts.  It forces you to look more at  the relationships between concepts and express them in a much less static way.  Which, I think, makes your topic more manageable for your audience.
I am a bit familiar with SlideShare,  although I don’t have any slide presentations on there myself.  I really liked the several online resumes (which is where I got my idea for the Prezi I did above).  I will keep SlideShare in mind, but right now, I consider it more of a “lady-in-waiting” to my love for Prezi at this point. 
I cannot wait to get a new job and get to apply all these fun tools!  Learning and knowledge were never so accessible and enjoyable!

2 Responses to “Thing 17: In-depth try at Prezi (aka, I am in love…)”

  1. I really liked your presentation. I haven’t been brave enough to try making my own yet!

  2. infopromom said

    Thank you! It was fun! I just tried to add some “personal” to all the professional that people see in my LinkedIn and resume. Give it a try!

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