Thing 19: a look back at the Top 5

September 12, 2011

This week’s Thing 19 is to catch up and reflect on what we have learned over the past 2 1/2 months and how we plan to use what we have explored in our everyday life.

23 Things has provided me with valuable learning experiences that have enabled me to keep up with my profession while I am searching for employment.  I look at this program as my “job” and have tried to blog twice per week.  I have spent quite a bit of time learning and thinking about these interesting online tools.

Here are my “Top 5 Things” that resonated with me the most.  When I do finally get a new job, I am excited to see how I can apply what I have learned here.

#1: Jing and podcasts: I was aware of podcasts and also of other “knowledge capture” tools, but Jing seemed a neat option to explore when starting out (and cheap, too!).  I can see lots of ways this can be used in libraries (see previous post).  So far, this excited me the most as far as library application.

#2: CiteULike: This tool will, I hope, make life easier as far as keeping up on and organizing articles and websites that I want to save.  Right now, I have plenty of time to go through what I find of interest, but in the past, this has been difficult, resulting in eventually just deleting what I had saved before reading anything.  It can also be an impetus for library blog posts by keeping timely articles close at hand.

#3: Mendeley: A close second to CiteULike, for the times that I want to explore writing an article or preparing a business case and would like to keep my citations organized.

#4: Drop-Box: A great way to share collaboratively with other staff or with people outside my library.  Along with Google Docs, this will make sharing so much easier.

#5: Networking: Extremely important for me in my job hunting search–this post came right at the right time!!!  Networking is crucial and will continue to be so throughout my career, both online and in person. 

BONUS!  #6: WordPress: I had explored this before, but have really benefited during my unemployment from using this online journal to help me learn and remain both intellectually and professionally active!

I am a bit sad that we will be winding up the 23 Things journey soon.  I have learned a lot about librarianship, online tools, and myself.


2 Responses to “Thing 19: a look back at the Top 5”

  1. I can’t believe we’ve reached Thing 19 already! I really like your Top 5 list of Things 🙂

    • infopromom said

      I know! When I went back and looked through, I couldn’t believe it has been since the third week of June! Thanks for the comment–as you saw, I have really enjoyed this course. It has often kept me sane!!! All the best!

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