Thing 18: Exploring Jing and Podcasts

September 8, 2011

For Thing 18, we are exploring ways to capture and deliver knowledge.  Below are some examples of what these tools can do. My microphone isn’t very good, so it is a little spotty, but you get the idea of how you can use Jing to give patrons a tour of my local public library’s website:

You can also use Jing as an image capture, with annotations.  Here is an example:

I can see using Jing in libraries in the following ways:

  • Introducing a new website (for navigation)
  • Introducing new databases
  • How to use…for various databases, or options for account personalization
  • Staff training
  • Patron training on specific, short topics (such as an introduction to SharePoint)

Podcasting: Many people are used to using podcasting.  I listened to several podcasts, although I could not do one myself.  However, I can see it being used effectively in libraries, in the following ways:

  • Calendar (what’s coming up this week)
  • Series on new book reviews
  • Series connected to schools (such as podcasts on books students are using in class)
  • Teen reviews on media/books, run by the teen group
  • Interviews with various staff for access by the public
  • Interviews with local officials
  • Discussion of local hot topics
  • Recording parts of programs (such as a special part of a program that would be of interest to others)
  • Author interviews

I am very impressed with what these tools can do (I wish I had this for my last job–it would have been a great complement to some of our outreach).  I am glad I now know about these, so that I can use them in my next job!  These tools can greatly enhance user experiences, and by also getting your patrons involved in the process, you can truly bring the community into the library (virtually and physically).


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