Thing 14: Mendeley, citeulike reviews

August 23, 2011

This week we are exploring free online tools that help you to organize your citations.  This would have been particularly useful when doing my Master’s research project, or in college when writing papers.  I hope that academic librarians are introducing their students to these tools as it will make students’ lives much easier by assisting with organizing and saving articles and web page references.  Beats the white index cards that I used!!!

I did not view Zotero as it wasn’t compatible with my OS, so I will briefly give my thoughts on Mendeley and citeulike:

  • Mendeley: a true competitor to Zotero in that it allows for bibliographic organization of your references.  I especially liked that you can invite colleagues and create groups to share collaboratively with others if you are working on a project.  You can also decide which citation style to display (APA, MLA, Chicago Style, etc.–around a dozen styles to choose from.)  There is a desktop module that you download, and then you can sync it with the online so you can have it anywhere and share it as well. You can  import your own documents to cite and tagging is available for any document.   I can see this being used, for example,  in library research in order to share with other staff and consequently to provide a bibliography and reference list as a project is completed to be presented to management.  I would certainly use it if I were working on a research project–to at least try it rather than the “old-fashioned” way.
  • citeulike: I LOVED citeulike!!!! This tool doesn’t work exactly like a citation manager; however, it allows for you to quickly (with a quick “Post to CiteULike” button, to save online articles, tag them, organize them, etc.  I really liked that you can prioritize the articles into categories such as “top priority” or “I might read it!”.  I usually keep articles on my RSS feed until I have time to read them or I mark them unread to go back to later.  Now, if it is something I will truly want to “archive”, I am going to use this site.    You can share, blog, find similar, and Add to Watchlist in order to further expand on your interest.  I envision using this to build a library of important documents for myself at this point, and perhaps to share with others.

I encourage librarians working with researchers (students, faculty) to explore these tools and to introduce them to their public.  Workshops on these types of  online tools could be a great option to draw in the elusive teen groups.  Faculty could use them in both their personal research, or as a collaborative tool to see their students’ libraries and thought process.

All in all, an impressive group of resources!


2 Responses to “Thing 14: Mendeley, citeulike reviews”

  1. You might be interested to know that you can use citeulike and Mendeley together. Just add your Citeulike details to the integration tab in Mendeley Desktop, and anything added to Citeulike will be automatically pulled into Mendeley. Let me know if you have any trouble setting it up.

    Also, let me point out that there are thousands of citation styles available in Mendeley, just look under the “More Styles” option to get access to these.

    • infopromom said

      Thanks–I’ll try that! I’m not sure right now how much I will be using it, but I am very intrigued. I will be taking the webinar next week as well. Thanks for the information!

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