Things 8 & 9: Google Calendar and Evernote

August 1, 2011

Today I spent a bit of time exploring Google Calendar and Evernote as Things 8 & 9 (after a week of vacation, this was a somewhat difficult task!)

Both of these tools seem like they would be very helpful in organizing your information life.  The nice thing about them is their accessibility from anywhere, even on mobile devices.  I am a bit leery of putting everything out on Google–I guess kind of a “big brother” syndrome that sets off alarms in my head, but I may give it a try.  I really like, though, how libraries are using Google Calendar, as a way of allowing for their patrons to view what’s happening at the library in an easy and organized way. 

I can also see where Evernote could be extremely useful.  I could not get the Clipper to work; however, I did save a couple notes and websites and I am going to try to use it for awhile to see if it can assist me in a one-stop-shop for all the things I see to which I would like to return.  I really like the idea that I can make notes, so that I remember what intrigued me about the article in the first place!

There are so many options out there that help to organize your information in a very personalized way, including tagging options.  Libraries are picking up on this trend by allowing patrons to tag and organize the library catalog (such as a MyLibrary options).  Those who ignore this trend, which I think is a lasting one, will be certainly left behind. 



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