Networking success!

July 14, 2011

Today I took the first steps and contacted 2 networking possibilities.  Was I nervous?  Very!  I felt awkward calling and contacting people I had never met and explaining my job search and why I was contacting them.  But, the response was very positive and uplifting.  I made some appointments to meet up with respected information professionals and believe that I can learn much from them.

I am going for an “information interview” type of outlook–I would like to know how these professionals (some of whom have their own businesses) have made the changes required in this profession and have balanced work/family life while doing it.  I am also interested in their outlook for the profession in the future.  I am hoping that they can give me additional ideas for networking, either in person or online, which will broaden my exposure to the area and opportunities.

So, if you are anxious about making that first call (or cleaning the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry like I did to avoid making that first call), just DO IT!  It is true what people say: people are glad to offer their advice and perspective, and to meet others in their field.  Think of how you would react to someone offering you as a referral: would you be glad and excited to talk to someone?  Happy to critique a resume or give interview tips?  Most of us are supportive of others in our field, so let that guide you.

Take a deep breath, dial the phone, and be the master of your fate!


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