Thing 5: Reflective Practice

July 11, 2011

Since the beginning of CPD23, we have concentrated on the following:
1. Blogging
2. Personal/professional Brand
3. Current Awareness tools

Looking at what I have learned, I have probably learned most about myself.  I have found the blogging exercise to be my “sounding board” for myself.  I have looked at what I have written, and see someone who is searching for balance and  intellectual stimulation, but also someone who finds the vast changes in my life and in my profession a little unsettling.  The blogging is a way to get out my feelings and work through the changes productively.

The branding exercise is revealing and something that all libraries and librarians should embrace.  I want to be aware and make sure that I am putting myself forward as I am–my best self, and a more self-assured self than I have been in the past.  My previous post on networking is an attempt to follow that through. 

For many years I have followed various blogs and feeds, so the current awareness portion of CPD23 was not news to me, but only  reinforced that I need to continue to be diligent in following continuing trends in the library field.  This will assist me with both brand and networking;  working in the information industry means keeping up with that ever-changing landscape.



2 Responses to “Thing 5: Reflective Practice”

  1. Your CPD23 blogging seems always to be reflective. I enjoyed the networking post

  2. infopromom said

    Thank you! I am at a reflective time in my life…writing this blog has been actually very good for me!

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