23 Things…building your brand–do I have one?

June 29, 2011

As part of the 23 Things activities for #3, we are to write about how we are seen–what is our “brand” that comes up in a Google search.

Interestingly, I chose the name “Infopromom” as my blog name, because those are two things that are very important in my life (not to mention the 2 things I probably devote the most time to!). 

I noticed that when I Googled my name, the first thing that came up was my Twitter account.  I am not a prolific tweeter, so this surprised me.  The next time I did it, my LinkedIn came up.  Most things were related to either addess, people search, or any book reviews I have written. 

One strange thing that came up was a Facebook profile that actually isn’t mine–looks a little iffy, but I don’t think I can do anything about that! 

I am not sure I really have a “brand”, but I think that in my book reviews and my Twitter/LinkedIn you get a sense of my straight-forward personality and my optimism.  It will be interesting to think about how to tweak this to be more of a brand.


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